The New Hampshire Broadband Mapping and Planning Program (NHBMPP) is a comprehensive program that seeks to understand where broadband is currently available in NH, how it can be made more widely available in the future, and how to encourage increased levels of broadband adoption and usage. We recognize that a vibrant local and state economy requires broadband infrastructure to support economic development, energy efficiency, advances in health care, and improved educational opportunities, as well as the knowledge base and resources to effectively utilize that infrastructure.


Funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), the NHBMPP comprises two main components:  a broadband availability inventory and mapping effort, and a suite of planning and technical assistance initiatives.  Both components are part of a national effort to expand broadband access and adoption through improved data collection and broadband planning.  A copy of the NHBMPP program brochure is available here.


The NHBMPP is being managed by the University of New Hampshire's GRANIT System, Earth Systems Research Center,  Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space.


NH Broadband Availability Analysis for NH - Fall 2014

Network New Hampshire Now

Video presenting Network New Hampshire Now project and how broadband access is important across various industries



If you have questions regarding the NHBMPP, please contact:

Fay Rubin, Project Director
Earth Systems Research Center
University of New Hampshire
Morse Hall, Room 447
Durham, NH 03824
Phone – 603-862-4240
Michael Blair, Project Coordinator
Earth Systems Research Center
University of New Hampshire
Morse Hall, Room 252
Durham, NH 03824
Phone – 603-862-2589

Or use the "Contact Us" option above.

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NH State Broadband Report

Broadband Survey & Speed Test

Take The Speed Test

Speed Test Results
(13,971 results as of 10/1/2015)
Download speed Percentage
4 Mbps or less 46%
     - Former FCC Minimum Broadband Speed -   
4-10Mbps 30%
10-25 Mbps 19%
     - NEW FCC Minimum Broadband Speed -   
More than 25 Mbps 5%
Upload speed Percentage
1 Mbps or less 47%
     - Former FCC Minimum Broadband Speed -   
1-3 Mbps 24%
     - NEW FCC Minimum Broadband Speed -   
3-10 Mbps 20%
More than 10 Mbps 9%


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